Bem-vindos ao Portal Lou de Olivier - Super Ação Máxima!!! Psicopedagoga, Psicoterapeuta, Especialista em Medicina Comportamental.
Escritora, Dramaturga, Diretora Cênica, Poetisa. Precursora da Multiterapia. Detectora do disturbio Dislexia Adquirida, hoje aceito nos termos
oficiais da Ciência da Saúde em língua portuguesa, espanhola e também inglesa, onde recebeu a denominação de Acquired Dyslexia.
Lou é Vegana e Ativista das causas socioambiental e animal. Criadora da Super Ação Máxima Multieventos.

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Lou de Olivier: Publicando, hoje, a verdade de amanhã! (A serviço do Eterno) 

Desde 1980 estudando e pesquisando dislexias, desde 1982 estudando e implantando a Multiterapia da qual é precursora, desde 1996 publicando inúmeros artigos comprovando a possibilidade de aquisição de distúrbios por privações cerebrais (anoxia/hipoxia) ou descargas elétricas cerebrais (AVC, traumatismos entre outros). Diante destes episódios é possível adquirir uma dislexia, disgrafia, TDAH e até autismo entre outros. Saiba mais nos artigos disponíveis neste portal ou em seus livros. "Foi justo por ser desenganada pela medicina, desacreditada por alguns professores que me superei e, em super ações, tornei-me tudo que sou". By Lou de Olivier
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Workshop e Vivência Corpo Mente e Movimento: Um banho de autoestima! Participe e conheça a melhor mudança de sua vida. Curso Terapia para casais e Curso Científico, socioambiental (treinamento para ser Mestre do Equilíbrio), saiba mais... acesse o site Multiterapia nos botões acima. Palestra e muitas informações sobre anoxia perinatal, acesse o site anoxia perinatal nos botões acima. Lou de Olivier é detectora da Dislexia Adquirida e precursora da Multiterapia, saiba tudo sobre a Lou no site pessoal. Contate-nos em Fale com a Lou


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Lou de Olivier respected and recognized in such a way in the Artistic, Educational and Health Psychotherapeutical area. With innumerable publications in books, anthologies, magazines and many trophies in Brazil and exterior as Psycho-pedagogist, Psychotherapist, Writer, Scientific Researcher and Dramaturge always developing innovative techniques, leading to the public what it has better of in all its areas of performance. After implanting the method of Multiterapy and creating the “Therapy of the Total Balance“, She innovated with workshop: Body, Mind and Movement. She is an environmental  and animal activist.

Psycho-pedagogist, Psychotherapist, pioneer of Multitherapy. Postgraduate in Behaviour Medicine and Psychopedagogy, Bachelor in Scenic Arts, also is graduated in Art Education and has university extensions in Neuro-psychology and Musical Therapy. Specialist in behavior and learning riots. She is also romancing, poetry and theatre writer and researcher.
Her publications and writings had been trophies two times in England: "Award Echo of Literature", as one of the contemplated writers and "Lancaster House Award", as Scientific Researcher. In Brazil, was honored with the trophy "Mulher, Linda Mulher", Personalidade do ano" delivered in solemnity held at the City Council of São Paulo.,  "XXII Premio Día Internacional da Mulher".  Cámara Municipal de São Paulo), "Excelência Muher" delivered in solemnity held at Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi...  
In the period 2007-2012 had been 24 (twenty-four) national trophies and 4 (four) international   trophies march 2012 she received six trophies in Brazil and one condecoration in Uruguay. She is the best in  behavior and learning riots (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and disorders others).
Remembering that Lou de Olivier is not enrolled in competitions, the few prizes who received for had been deserved indication.

It acted as collaborating of Revista UK Brazil (London-UK), keeping interchange with the Rickmarc Publishing, a big English publishing company. And was collaborator of the electronic periodical "Cá Estamos Nós", in Portugal. In Brazil, was columnist in the magazine "Mãe Moderna". Also, she published diverse articles in periodicals, as such as "Sunday News" and "Socorro News", it also published an article-reference in the appraised one magazine "Viver Psicologia" (currently this magazine circulates with the name "Mente & Cérebro").

Radio and Television:
Still in Brazil, she gaves consultancy, approaching subjects as riots of learning and drugs in diverse radio stations of São Paulo, Capital and upstate, being distinguished: Programa Laércio Maciel na Rádio Globo - São Paulo - SP, Programa do Capitão na Rádio Panorama - Avaré - SP, Programa Leila Navarro na Rádio Mundial - São Paulo - SP. Currently, she gives consultancy in riots of learning and behavior in the program Lilian Loy na Radio Record.
In TV, she participated of programs as "Manhã Com Você" (NGT), "Brasil Em Foco" (TV Aberta/Net), "Talk Show Loucuras do Alexandrelli" (Just TV), Versátil & Atual (Rede Família), Mulheres em Foco, Bom dia Brasil (TV Record), Analise Direta e Nosso Programa (RIT TV) and many others, always approaching subjects as drugs, riots of learning and behavior, toytheque, among others. Also commanded the program "Lou E Você" e " De tudo um pouco" in experimental period, that will have to return soon to the TV.
Authoress of seven didactic books/auto aid, like: "A Escola Produtiva", "Problemas De Aprendizagem Na Pré-Escola", "Acontece Nas Melhores Famílias", "Verdades Que Ninguém Publicou", "Distúrbios De Aprendizagem E De Comportamento" (currently in third edition), "Psicopedagogia E Arteterapia - Teoria E Prática Na Aplicação Em Clínicas E Escolas", and, the most recent, "Distúrbios Familiares".
It has published a book of romances, "Aventuras Amorosas De Soraya Estrada", which includes the romances "O Preço De Um Sonho" and "Paixão Virtual", and a CD-ROM, intitled "Aventuras Inconfessáveis De Soraya Estrada",  with the romances "Tua Força É Meu Destino, Teu Destino É Minha Missão" and "Romance Policial".
 Authoress of fourteen cinematographic/theater texts, being distinguished "Siga Aquele Voto", "Nunca Em Los Angeles" , "Os Alienados" and "Eu Inteiro, Metade De Mim". As drama writer, she has some staged texts, being the intitled "Os Alienados",  the most known and applauded, beyond the successful professional season, it has been mounted for diverse amateur groups and awardee in festivals throughout all Brazil and Portugal.
She is also authoress of more than six hundred poetries, published in some collective books and, eventually in periodicals as "Café Literário". She participated of the collective book UKBrazil - Antology of Poems, in England. And, in Brazil, participated of Antologias Livre Pensador (Scortecci), Caminhos Do Amor (Oficina Editora) and four anthologies for the Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras,  of where she was Council member, exerting voluntary position (not remunerated, per some years). Currently, Lou de Olivier already does not more belong to this association.
Already it directed the Portal Escola Do Futuro, where, sided by other famous professionals, she gaved lectures and exclusive courses. Also it commanded the Espaço Cultural Lou de Olivier, offering therapeutical attendance, courses and workshops, by popular prices. Also it took care of, per many years, in its Clínica Psiconeuroarte. Currently, she is  dedicated exclusively to the researches, lectures and training for health professionals, parents and professors in Centro de Referencia e Estudo em Multiterapia.
What it differentiates LOU DE OLIVIER of other professional ones of her area (Pioneer of the area of Multitherapy, joining diverse areas and adapting techniques to each specific case to be treated):

*** Futurist and pioneer in diverse areas, being that, in the therapeutical area, they are distinguished as the first researcher to:

* Cogitate perinatal anoxia as causing of riots of learning beyond already known autism, cerebral paralysis and others. After more than twenty years, researches in some countries had confirmed her thesis;

* Bind the symptoms of OCR (Obsessive-Compulsive Riot) to the symptoms caused for the consumption of drugs. Once more, international researches had confirmed her theory;

* Insist that the dislexy did not cause simple exchange of letters and if did not present in an only form or period of training. One more time, researches in diverse countries had confirmed her theory (many years after her research being concluded);

* Include riots as Hiperlexy and Limitrofy as being causing of deficiency or significant alterations of learning;

* Cite all all the symptoms of some riots of learning, clarifying of shining form these subjects, changing a concept of many years;

* Use the Art Therapy and the Musical Therapy in treatments with carriers of OCR and Tourette. Currently a famous Brazilian university initiates research in this direction, being that the research of Lou de Olivier already was developed has ten years and is published, in the complete one, in its recent intitled book "Psychopedagogy and Art Therapy - Theory And Practical In the Application In Clinics and Schools", already for sale in the best bookstores;

* Incrementate and develop the techniques of the Psychodrama and Therapeutical Theater. Psychodrama is one created therapeutical technique has 100 years almost, developed, the principle, for and by Psychiatry. From the year of 1989, Lou de Olivier integrated to this technique, other exclusive ones of the Scenic Arts, creating its proper Therapeutical Theater, innovating the concept of Psychodrama and opening new fields for treatments inside of the Art Therapy.

Congregating all the knowledge acquired in these 20 years, elaborated some lectures, excellent training for involved professionals of health with diverse therapies and also for professors of diverse areas, interested in deepening its knowledge.

Available lectures:

1 - How to recognize and to differentiate the normal one, problematic and the riot in the development of children: This important subject is boarded of clear and direct form (with perinatal anoxia slight knowledge);

2 - How to use the toytheque to assist in the solution of learning problems and/or in the treatment of the learning riots: it cites the best toys for each age band (from three years), what they develop, as to use toys, tricks and toytheque in the solution of learning problems and/or in the treatment of the learning riots;

3- How to use Theater, Dance and Psychodrama in the toytheque (workshop): What they treat, as they are developed and if they integrate and as it uses them to deal with problems and/or riots learning, of behavior and other problems, analyzing the psichological levels of each individual and adapting the method of individual form;

4- Learning Riots: This lecture clarifies all in such a way the symptoms of the dislexy how much of riots that seem to be dislexy and that many times wrong are diagnosised by disinformation.

Contact us and let us supply you a customized budget, taking itself in account, chosen subject, distance of the lecture place, has carried and other details, click in contact us in the left
* Family Riots (Distúrbios familiares) - Self-Help book (didactic) - WAK Publishing company - 2008;
* Psychopedagogy And Art Therapy - Theory And Practical In the Application In Clinics and Schools (Psicopedagogia e Arteterapia - Teoria e Pratica na aplicação em Clinicas e Escolas) - Didactic - WAK Publishing company - 2007;
* Learning And Behaviour Riots (currently in third edition) - Distúrbios de Aprendizagem e de comportamento - Didactic - WAK Publishing company - 2006;
* Truths That Nobody Has Published - Didactic - Scortecci Publishing company - 2003;
* It Happens To The Best Families - Didactic/Auto-Aid - Scortecci Publishing company - 2000;
* Learning Problems In Elementary School - Didactic - Scortecci Publishing company - 2000;
* The Productive School - Didactic/Self-Help - Scortecci Publishing company - 1999;
* Loving Adventures Of Soraya Estrada - Romance - Scortecci Publishing company - 1999;
* Anthology Of Poems - Anthology with authors invited by the Rickmarc Publishing - 2003 (England);

* Brazilian Talent In Chats And Verse - Scortecci - 2008;
* Ways Of The Love - Oficina do Livro - 2007;
* Talent Of Them - Scortecci 2007;
* The Love That Moves The Sun And Other Stars - Scortecci - 2005;
* Anthologies Of The Free Thinking - Scortecci Publishing Company 2003;
* Feminine Talent In Chats And Verse I And II - Scortecci - 2002/2004


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Lou de Olivier News
  The Writer of the Writers, PERPETUAL GOD, who daily writes the history of each life of the planet, I thank to these my talents: inspiration of my writings, my art, my scientific research, my performances in Health, Arte and Education".
 By Lou de Olivier
Lou de Olivier consist as writer scientific and theatrical of the following workmanships:
 1 - Encyclopedia of Brazilian Literature - Volume I - pages 187, 405;
2 - Dictionary of 670 Women - Volume II - pages 532-533;
3- Also it integrates (as professional multipurpose) the pages the 279 and 280 of the Brazil book of all peoples/São Paulo, its History, its monuments - Prominences and Personalities;
4 - Brazil de A a Z;
5- Lou is among the pioneers of television at the Museum of Brazilian TV;
6- It also consists of the list of SBAT Authors (Brazilian Society Theatrical Authors).
Total success in the Theatrical Tour of  “ Os Alienados” - authorship of Lou de Olivier - in Fortaleza - CE - Brazil…
In the dedicated month to the women, (march 2012)Lou de Olivier receives seven trophies and/or homage, being six in Brazil and one in the exterior. They are: “XXVI Prize International Day of the Woman" , “Diploma and Medal of the Feminine Merit”, “Diploma Protector of the Ethics and Citizenship”, " Diploma of Honor to the Merit Woman Brazil Prominence”, “XXVII Prize Woman - Women of Brazil in Prominence”, “Diploma Merit of Social, Enterprise, Professional Entrepreneur” (in Uruguay), also homaged as former honored during the “VIII Prize Excellency Woman”
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Ao Escritor dos Escritores, DEUS ETERNO, que diariamente escreve a historia de cada vida do planeta, agradeço estes meus dons: inspiração de meus escritos, da minha arte, das minhas pesquisas cientificas, minhas atuações em Saúde, Arte e Educação". By Lou de Olivier

Para nos, o seculo XXI ja passou. Estamos no seculo XXII - For us, the XXIst century has passed. We are in the XXIInd century -

Para nosotros, el siglo XXI ha pasado. Estamos en el siglo XXII - Per noi, il XXI secolo è passato. Siamo nel XXII secolo -

Pour nous, XXI Siècle est terminé; Nous sommes dans le XXII Siècle - Ana, a verdade da minha vida... Sucesso real de Lou de Olivier - 

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Lou de Olivier consta como Escritora e Dramaturga das seguintes obras:
Enciclopedia de Literatura Brasileira- Volume I - paginas 187, 405 e 670 - Dicionario de Mulheres - Volume II -  paginas 532-533
Tambem integra (como profissional polivalente) as paginas 279 e 280 do livro Brasil de todos os povos/São Paulo, sua Historia, seus monumentos - Destaques e Personalidades.  Lou também consta dos verbetes do livro histórico Brasil de A a Z. Também integra quadro de pioneiros da TV brasileira no Museu da TV - São Paulo - Brasil.                                           Saiba mais sobre Lou de Olivier, no menu a esquerda