Lou de Olivier
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Lou de Olivier (pen name of Ana Lourdes de Oliveira)

Psychotherapist, with specializing in Behavioral Medicine and Psychopedagogy, she is pioneer and created Multitherapia method, she also detected and defended the Acquired Dyslexia Disorder (formalized by the Health Sciences), created the Balance Total / Universal Therapy. She is also a playwright and writer (various genres). Author of sixteen theatrical pieces and
ten textbooks
She has received more than fifty Trophy national and four international. 
Lou is Vegan and activist for environmental causes or animals. 
Since the age of 16 when she suffered a drowning anoxia, she lost memory for almost 2 years without answers in the medicine, having to seek alone treatment. When She regained some memory she research anoxia/hipoxia and dyslexia with attention to babies that suffer oxygen deprivation during childbirth.
 So Lou was formed in research and publications becoming expert in perinatal anoxia (Fetal Distress) and detector of Acquired Dyslexia and precursor of Multitherapy Method.
In this website are summarized the main themes of her research, her books and articles, her research, discoveries and innovations.
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Our native language is Portuguese. We strive to express in their language, but we are not experts. Sorry if you find mistake in our writing and write us saying error found and we'll correct.


 Our native language is Portuguese. We strive to express in their language but we are not experts. Sorry if you find error in our writing and write to us saying found error and we will correct.